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Good vibrations? Beach Boys founder Mike Love unveils Club Kokomo Rum

Prepare for a taste of fun fun fun

Good vibrations? Beach Boys founder Mike Love unveils Club Kokomo Rum

When an entertainment legend drops of a spirit brand, we're all ears - and Beach Boys founder Mike Love is no exception.

Channeling the spirit of sunshine, surfing and crystalline shores, Club Kokomo Rum can only be described as a rum that channels summer into every single bottle.

The new premium line of spirits comes hot off the back of Club Kokomo's premixed, ready-to-drink cans which dropped last year.

However, for 2024 it seems Love is wanting to try out something a little stronger - plus, it appears the whiskey market is now turning to rum according to the latest trend reports.

Love's link to San Diego has always been a strong one - after all, his songs stand as testament to his laid back, West Coast lifestyle.

Now though, his rum distillery is set to be the latest connection to the sunshine state.

The new rum range encompasses three distinct expressions: a delectable white rum, a sturdy barrel-finished rum and an exotic Tahitian Vanilla Rum.

“The spirit of Kokomo is the serenity and good vibrations you feel when hanging out with your closest friends or family, preferably on a sandy beach,” said Love of the launch.
“We took it, distilled it and bottled it for everyone who takes a sip to enjoy, anywhere. Much like a Beach Boys song.”

Good vibrations? Beach Boys founder Mike Love unveils Club Kokomo Rum

With distilling operations headed by Geoff Longenecker, founder and owner of Seven Caves Spirits, this San Diego brand is channeling West Coast spirit into each and every bottle.

Did we mention it's also on sale for a limited time? That too.

Now, more about the rums...

Artisanal White Rum

Retailing for $29.99 a bottle, the new white rum is creating using "aroma of honey" and notable hints of pineapple.
On the palate, a complex fruit blend is followed by a smooth finish with refreshing notes of melon and mango.
Added sugar and artificial flavouring are a big no-no where Love's vision is concerned.
Weighing in with an ABV of 45%, Love ensures that each bottle is entirely additive free.

Barrel Finished Rum

Retailing at a higher price of $59.99, Club Kokomo's Barrel Finished Rum comprises of a blend of eight and 10-year-old Jamaican, Barbadian and Dominican rums.
It's an explosion on the pallate, with the Barrel Finished Rum aged in new oak and ex-whiskey casks for a truly unique and smokey edge.
Blended exclusively by master distiller, Geoff Longenecker, the Barrel Finish is then rested in hand-selected bourbon barrels.
Think rich hints of wood on the nose where this 46% ABV is concerned, with its ulta-refined profile serving up soft hints of vanilla.
There's also distinctive notes of caramel on the palate with a rich mouthfeel, alongside lingering hints of bourbon and stone fruit

Good vibrations? Beach Boys founder Mike Love unveils Club Kokomo Rum

Tahitian Vanilla Rum

Cue a nod to the home of rum - the shores of the Caribbean.

This delectable rum is an exotic offering that channels the laid back spirit of sunnier shores, combining delicate and sweet flora aromas that make it a distinctive bottle.

Retailing for $31.99, the Tahitian is a balanced rum that boasts tasting notes of vanilla and spice with an extremely smooth finish.
Meanwhile, lingering hints of vanilla shine through courtesy of the fragrant, ripe, whole Tahitian vanilla beans used in this blend.
Weighing in at a slightly stronger 40% ABV, this additive free addition is a must for fans of a smooth and delicate rum.

Needless to say, if rum is the order of the day, let us drink Club Kokomo.