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Here’s the £180k gold and diamond encrusted PlayStation controller you didn’t ask for

Imagine playing video games on six figures' worth of tech

Here’s the £180k gold and diamond encrusted PlayStation controller you didn’t ask for
Tom Victor
24 October 2018

Do you sometimes stop and wonder for hours, just staring at the ceiling, whether some people just have too much money? No, us neither.

Though maybe, just maybe, a gold and diamond encrusted PlayStation controller valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds might be taking things a little too far.

Yes, a lot of you will spend vast amounts of time glued to your console, especially if you want to put in the long hours required to complete something like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Spider-Man.

That might be enough to convince you to invest in a good controller, but there’s good and there’s gold-and-diamond-encrusted-good.

This ridiculously OTT creation comes from Brikk, a company which prides itself on making “opulent technology products”.

The ‘Lux Dualshock 4 Haute Omni’ is described by the company as being “exquisitely practical”, which we’ve translated as “fully functioning while also having literal gold on the outside”.

It’s how we imagine some of the world’s wealthiest footballers play FIFA and, indeed, super-rich footballers are the ones most likely to be able to afford this without it putting a dent in their life savings.

The most expensive version will set you back US$231,995 (£179,730), though you can get one for about a quarter of the price if you’re willing to skimp on the grade of the centre stones. Hey, if it gives you extra change for in-game purchases then don’t knock it.

The main question is whether it’s more of a baller move to buy a pair of these super-opulent controllers or to just grab one.

Sure, having two people sat around playing PlayStation games on gold controllers is cool, but imagine the sway you can have over your pals when you’ve got gold and diamonds in your hands and they’re stuck playing with the regular Dualshock.

“Oh, you’ve won have you? Well how much is your controller worth? Yeah, thought so. I AM THE REAL WINNER AND YOU ARE A LOSER.”

We’ve convinced ourselves to buy one now.

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