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Glint and tonic: raise a glass with this 23 carat gold gin

Because flavoured gin is so 2019.

Glint and tonic: raise a glass with this 23 carat gold gin
Danielle de Wolfe
29 January 2020

Have you ever taken the time to consider that smothering your gin in 23-carat gold might make its taste superior? Strange, neither had we. But now, in a move that might just trump any gin hybrid on the market, Australian supermarket Coles has gone and unleashed just that.

The new limited-edition spirit called LOVER Gin - no, it’s not linked to Taylor Swift in any way, shape or form - contains shavings of, you guessed it, 23-carat gold.

But it doesn’t stop there. Each bottle also contains additional silver flakes - you know, just to mix things up even further.

Just in time for Valentines day, the Australian distilled gin - with its vibrant, comic-book style packaging, complete with rainbows and butterflies - looks set to fly off the shelves.

Glitter and tonic: raise a glass with this 23 carat gold gin

“'Celebrating the spirit of love, LOVER Gin is the most creative product our team has produced to date - a gin as vibrant and unique as love is," said Coles head of exclusive Liquor Brands, Mia Lloyd.

“'With a simple brief of making a gin that's fun and fabulous while also sharing a clear message of inclusion, the gin is fantastic in every way and we can't wait to share it with our customers.”

Melbourne drag artist and entertainer Art Simone even said the design of the gin bottle was so pretty it would likely ‘upstage’ her, according to the Daily Mail.

“'The gin in is a great celebration of all lovers everywhere and it just makes me want to don the heels and hit the stage,” Art Simone said.

With an ABV of 40% and retailing for $70 (around £36), the full strength gin looks set to be a winner. Unfortunately for us, however, it’s currently only available at Coles supermarkets in Australia.

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