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This gin seller is donating all profits to the NHS until lockdown ends

Some much needed good news

This gin seller is donating all profits to the NHS until lockdown ends
15 April 2020

If you're drinking more during lockdown, you're not alone – plenty of us have upped our intake of wine, beer and spirits over the last few weeks.

But if you want to do some good whilst you sip on cocktails at home, you might consider buying from drinks company Top Beverages – because it's donating all profits from sales of its gins to the NHS.

If you need calming down, the company's drinks may not be the worst choice in the world either, even with its philanthropy aside.

All of its drinks are infused with CBD, a compound supposedly meant to help you relax and lower levels of stress. As the name suggests it's derived from the cannabis plant, but in oil form gives you the relaxing properties of cannabis without the high.

Each of the company's three gins contains 50mg of full spectrum CBD.

“This is an unparalleled crisis unlike the world has ever seen, and we think our gins are uniquely suited to the moment,” said Nicholas Pullen, co-founder of the company. “People throughout the UK are stressed, anxious and in pain.

“As a startup, we understand that we cannot offer giant contributions the way large spirit corporations can. That’s why we have made the decision to continue this programme until the lockdown ends. We hope that other craft spirit producers join us and make a similar commitment so that our efforts will snowball into something larger.”

The gins are priced at £39.99 each: buy one here.