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Gibson's amazing memory cable

Gibson's amazing memory cable

Gibson's amazing memory cable
28 April 2014

You've been jamming for hours. You've no idea what time it is. You're in that magical, fabled place that musicians dream of: The Zone. Every single note you hit seems destined for stadium-rocking fame. If only you'd rigged up some sort of recording system.

Gibson have come up with an achingly simple solution, packing a compact recorder into a standard instrument lead.

The appropriately titled 'Memory Cable' features a TASCAM solid state recorder built into its twisting length, allowing for up to 13 hours of recording (at a 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution for those concerned) on its 4GB MicroSD card. Play like a god, pop out the MicroSD card and upload it to your computer to ensure no morning-after memory blanks.

A single AA battery powers the recorder, though the cable will still function if the juice runs dry. It'll even work if you don't have an amp or external output to plug into, and can record any instrument you can plug its 1/4inch jack into. With a single button to turn on and 'mark' important moments in your track, the Memory Cable can either continuously record your playing or be switched to 'Auto' mode - cutting out any overly long silences.

Now you've got a solution for capturing those illusive moments of genius, you're just going to have to remember how you played the notes. And don't write the next Stairway just yet - Gibson are yet to announce a UK release date.