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German S.W.A.T. Team storm wrong flat

German S.W.A.T. Team storm wrong flat

German S.W.A.T. Team storm wrong flat
29 October 2012

(29/10/2012) To Germany now, where an armed police team have stormed the wrong flat, scaring the holy bejezus out of its three inhabitants.

The Local reports that the law-abiding tenants at a flat in Rollhausen, near Göttingen, Lower Saxony thought they were being burgled when a SWAT unit forced their way in flat and trained their weapons on them.

“They tied me up with cable binders,” a male resident told NDR broadcaster, “I cried out in pain.”

The armed officers had been searching for a 45-year old man who had earlier threatened another man with a weapon.

When it became clear they had made an error, the cops made their excuses and left. Later it emerged the unit had got the wrong floor of the block of flats.

“We were thwarted by an error in internal communication. We have already apologised,” Otto Moneke, head of the police department in Duderstadt told NDR.

The police will repair damage caused when they broke in, but a woman and her 19-year-old daughter – both of whom are now in therapy - say they were traumatised by the incident and have contacted a lawyer to explore their case.

Via: The Local

Image: Rex