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George RR Martin is pushing for another spin-off show set during the time of 'Game of Thrones'

This is actually a really interesting idea

George RR Martin is pushing for another spin-off show set during the time of 'Game of Thrones'
05 December 2018

He’s already gifted us Game of Thrones, Nightflyers and an exciting upcoming GOT prequel - but King of Fantasy George RR Martin just can’t stop coming up with excellent ideas.

Martin has revealed he’s pushing for ANOTHER Game of Thrones spin-off series set during the same time period as the mega popular HBO show.

Speaking to The New York Times, Martin said the new show would take place at the same time as the Lannisters, Targaryens and Starks but would follow the stories of regular, common folk.

“I wanted to do a show called Spear Carriers,” the author said, “which would actually be set during the events of Game of Thrones but it wouldn’t be following Dany, Tyrion [Lannister] and Jaime [Lannister].

“They would all be there in the background like Hamlet, and it would be more like, ‘Here’s a story about a guy in the City Watch; here’s a story about a prostitute at one of Littlefinger’s brothels; here’s a story about a mummer who’s in town to do juggling and tricks’. And they all get caught up in the events.

“I think that kind of show would be a lot of fun to do. Maybe I’ll be able to convince them [HBO] to do it!”

We wholeheartedly agree, George!

There have been plenty of excellent TV shows that went on to build successful franchise spin-off programmes (Breaking Bad, Law & Order and Star Trek, for example) so, personally, I’m on board for as many GOT-related shows as possible.

A show about all about why the hell Gendry was away rowing for so long? 10/10 would watch.

A medieval Bake Off-style cooking show with Hot Pie as host? Um, absolutely!

An intimate docuseries looking at how the men of the Night’s Watch keep each other warm on those oh-so-cold winter nights on the Wall? 1,000% yes.   

(Image: HBO)