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‘Gavin & Stacey’ could be coming back, according to one of its stars

Time for a long-awaited return?

‘Gavin & Stacey’ could be coming back, according to one of its stars
Tom Victor
19 April 2018

There are some great TV shows which you never want to see return, for fear of them ruining their legacy.

Fawlty Towers was perfect with just 12 episodes, while Father Ted’s run of 25 felt like the ideal number.

However, in the case of Gavin & Stacey, some fans may feel there’s still more of a story to tell. And, if recent comments from one of its stars are anything to go by, we could get to hear those stories sooner rather than later.

The BBC comedy last aired on New Year’s Day 2010, and star James Corden’s subsequent success in the United States has left many of us assuming it was over and done with.

However, one of Corden’s co-stars has breathed life into the idea of a return – and not just that, but one with the Late Show presenter’s involvement.

Ruth Jones, who played Nessa on the show and co-wrote it with Corden, told the Daily Star she has been speaking to Corden about the prospect of new episodes and plotlines.

“James and I were talking about this the other day,” she said.

“I think Baby Neil, who is now probably about 11… Nessa is training him down the slots,” Jones speculated.

“She’s training him in the art of the dodgy grabber machine and how to weigh the two pences.”

The last ever Gavin and Stacey episode drew more than 10m viewers, the highest total of any of its 20 episodes, and many feel it’s still the best thing any of its stars and creators have done.

Corden and Jones both appeared to rule out any fresh episodes, or a film spin-off, after the final episode aired, before Jones reiterated there were still no plans for new episodes as of 2016.

However, she has occasionally teased the idea of a return before, and plenty of fans have got excited about the prospect of new episodes.

Co-star Rob Brydon has spoken about his feelings in the past saying:

“I think it’s a real balance between, ‘let’s leave it on a high, people love it,’ but there’s also a big feeling of, ‘oh it would be so lovely to get back together an do a special.’”

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