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Gary Barlow has revealed he'll be in the next Star Wars movie

Take that, Vader! Or something

Gary Barlow has revealed he'll be in the next Star Wars movie

Gary Barlow, of Take That and monotone voice fame, has revealed that for some reason, he’s going to be in the next Star Wars film, entitled The Last Jedi (it won’t be though, will it. There will be more Jedis).

He revealed the “news” on Lorraine (the programme, not the woman), although he wasn’t allowed to say much about it:

“I'm not a stormtrooper but I am in it.”

Hot goss if I’ve ever heard it. He then followed the bombshell up with:

“Now I’ve said that, I’ll probably be out. I think the Star Wars people are so strict about what information [gets blurted out on TV]. So me saying that, I’ve probably just done myself out of a role.”

He was unnecessarily worried though – the show’s producers checked with Vader and co. beforehand, so it’s all good, Barlow will be present and well in the film, which comes out in December.

He’s not the only British star to be appearing in the sequel though – Tom Hardy and both Prince William and Harry are set to cameo, too. Gareth Edwards, who directed Rogue One is rumored to have an unspecified role as well, what fun.

With regards to Barlow though, we’ll just have to wait until Christmas to see who he plays – it’ll probably be some sort of musician though, won’t it? Like playing in a cantina or something. Or providing the voice for a robot – if he does that, they won’t need to digitally alter his voice, saves money.