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David Beckham spoiled 'Game of Thrones' and fans are really mad


David Beckham spoiled 'Game of Thrones' and fans are really mad

Handsome man David Beckham enraged the fanbase of Game of Thrones last night by pretty much spoiling the whole thing on his Instagram story. 

Last night’s episode ‘The Queen’s Justice’ was this season’s third (and best), with plenty of funny lines and revealing details, and David thought he'd show how much he was enjoying it by taking a few videos and pictures of key moments.

(PLEASE NOTE: There are spoilers ahead. Obviously. I’ve warned you now. And, tbh, if you’re going to read an article about David Beckham spoiling Game of Thrones when you also haven’t seen the newest episode yet then, sorry, but you deserve what you get.)

He presumably presumed – as you would – that if people were that big fans of a show, big enough to give a shit about spoilers, they'd be watching the episode instead of idly scrolling the Instagram feed of the ex-England captain. But no. People got real, real mad.

(I think she meant 'spoiled' but, yeah)