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These Game of Thrones album cover mock-ups are just perfect

Works of art

These Game of Thrones album cover mock-ups are just perfect
Tom Victor
30 August 2017

You’ve just recovered from watching the Game of Thrones finale, and there’s only one thing on your mind.

No, not that. No, not that either. The one thing on your mind is ‘when and how can I watch more Game of Thrones’.

Well, we have some news for you, and that news is ‘Not now. Be patient. Seriously, it’s just finished, give it a week at least’.

Instead, you need to do what any sensible person would do in this situation: crawl the internet for fan theories, things you missed, and quite frankly anything that even vaguely resembles GoT content.

Yes, yes, we know most of it is garbage. But we’ve found one of the rare examples that’s actually good. No, genuinely, we mean it.

We’ve had a play around with album covers in the past, with mixed results.

But Instagrammer Steven Lear is a pro.

Lear, through his ‘WhyTheLongPlayFace’ account, has form for album cover and film poster mock-ups like these Star Wars examples.

More recently, though, he has turned his attention to Game of Thrones, producing some mini masterpieces.

Yeah, this is some damn fine work…

(Main image: Instagram/WhyTheLongPlayFace)