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This furniture video is the most satisfying thing you'll see all day

Thought you didn't care about furniture? Think again

This furniture video is the most satisfying thing you'll see all day
11 February 2019

Look, let’s be honest: most of us don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about tables unless we’re actively looking to buy one. They’re hardly the most exciting topic of conversation or of thought: why would you waste your time on either? 

See also: doors. Okay, if you’re super into Grand Designs and you have an eye for the aesthetically pleasing then yes, we admit, some doors are better than other doors. But, on the most part, the vast majority of us can probably say that we spend very little time thinking about the tables and doors and chairs that we use every day, and even less time wondering about how they were produced. 

Until now, that is.

This video, posted by Twitter user peachinjunnie, shows the intricate product engineering that goes into some of the more complex pieces of furniture we’ve ever seen. 

From foldable doors, chairs and tables to benches that come out from the ground, mirrors that flip into TVs, customisable sofas and chairs that turn into ladders, these bits of furniture are a million miles away from your regular office desk or front door. 

And some of the millions of people who watched the video were pretty impressed, too. 

Functional, impressive and nice to look at – we’ve never been so interested in furniture in our lives.

(Image: Unsplash)