Already-funny video of a train blasting commuters with snow is 1,000 times better with this man's commentary

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Matt Tate

Earlier this week a video was posted to YouTube of a train ploughing into a mound of snow at a station in New York. 

A number of commuters waiting on the platform seemingly knew what was about to go down – they knew they’d fucked it, but decided to stand there and accept freezing cold smackdown coming their way. The carnage was captured in glorious slow-motion and the clip has since had over five million views. 

That video is great and everything, but even better is the commentary provided by well-known internet potty mouth Ozzy Man Reviews.

He documents the entire thing, from the train first coming into view, to the moment it collides with the snow and sets off an ‘irreversible moment in the fucken space-time continuum’. 

Luckily, nobody was reported as hurt after the incident, but Ozzy Man recommended a painkiller and a cold beer to everyone involved in the ‘fair dinkum wipeout’. Sound advice. 

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