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Crowd waits ages to watch demolition: huge bus drives in front

The best video you'll watch all day

Crowd waits ages to watch demolition: huge bus drives in front

One of my favourite ‘genres’ of internet video, is the one where a load of people wait ages to watch something and then, just at the last minute, something really big, large and obnoxious slams in from stage left, obscuring their view and rendering their entire day completely pointless. I love it so much and will never tire of it.

Here’s a top quality example for you:

If that’s not the finest video ever uploaded onto the internet, then I don’t know what is.

Oh, I take it back - maybe it’s this:

Or of course, it could be the video i’m about to show you, which I saw today, of a big crowd of people waiting to watch the destruction of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics stadium. A big crowd of people whose excitement is immediately evaporated when a big fucking bus drives right in front of their view. And even better, it was all being filmed for a live television broadcast - so the bus naffed up a TV segment as well. That is my kind of swiss cheese, right there.

Just put your trunks on and dive into this:

That is what cameras were made for - they were not invented so that we could watch a video of a stadium imploding, they were invented so that we could see a bus stop in front of an imploding stadium. This is why it is a glory to be alive. Seeing a man shout at a bus as though it was genuinely able to hear him, is a gift that keeps on giving - a man saying “Get out of the way, bus” as though it possesses ears, is a special present.

I will never tire of these videos, because people wasting their precious time (and often money) is hilarious to me. I beg that the internet continues to provide for me this most wonderful of donations - it’s what I log on for every day. Plug myself in, see someone’s day ruined - it’s the spice of life.

(Image: ABC) 


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