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Fun size caviar

For your lunchbox

Fun size caviar
Danielle de Wolfe
18 October 2011

No matter how much you earn (trust us, we're minted) you will never be saddened to see a fun size Mars in your packed lunch.

Money could be the deciding factor on if a small pot of caviar is nestled between it and your soggy cucumber sandwich, though.

French company Kaviari have launched a series of tiny caviar offerings packaged in, at times hideous colours, for just this purpose. Priced at EUR35 (£30, $50) they weigh in with 15 grams of the good stuff and just 100-calories of the bad. The company says they are perfect “as a dainty snack at any time of day, whenever the fancy strikes”. So, never then?

Available in black, gold, silver, blue, fuchsia and apple green, Kaviari’s petite sliding-lid cases come with a small tasting spoon, because at times like this your index finger just won't cut it. Buyers can choose either Osetra or Kristal caviar varieties, obv.