For just £450k you could own this patch of roof in London (don’t all rush at once)


In what would appear to be some depressing ploy to confirm that London is genuinely insane before the year is out, a tiny patch of roof in South London has been put on the market for £450,000.

So far this year we’ve had everything from expensive sheds inside someone’s living room to live-in broom closets and it’s not about to change. This latest addition isn’t even finished - it’s literally a roof with a bit of planning permission.

Yep, you got that right, you’re being asked to spend just shy of half a million pounds to then have to fork out all of the extra costs of building your own (tiny) flat.

The space can be found on a third floor terrace on Bermondsey Street where it’s been described by estate agent Stirling Ackroyd as an ‘outstanding opportunity.’ Obviously, the perception of what is and isn’t ‘outstanding’ can be quite varied.

You will however, as mentioned, be given planning permission to build on the roof, so, at least you’ve got that and the building comes with a lift so you won't need to use the stairs when you move in. (hard) Hats off all around...