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The UK's biggest sausage roll is here - and it only costs a quid

Your move, Greggs

The UK's biggest sausage roll is here - and it only costs a quid
Tom Victor
08 August 2017

One pound doesn’t go a long way these days.

While once it might have been enough for 10 Freddos, you’d be laughed out of the corner shop if you entered with such ambitions today.

In fact, you soon won’t be able to get a trolley with one, now that we’ve got the new pointy pounds.

But there’s one thing you can buy with a pound which you couldn’t before: a footlong sausage roll.

Yes, a footlong sausage roll.

One of the most beautiful things about living in this country is the lack of rules about how long sausage rolls can be. Not the NHS. Not Stonehenge. Not the Hawksmoor French Dip sandwich. It’s all about the sausage roll anarchy.

Six inches? It’s fine, but it’s just a snack. Nine? A little better, but why stop there. A footlong sausage roll? Now that’s a full meal for a pound.

And thanks to Morrison’s it’s no longer just a pipe dream.

The supermarket chain has introduced the glorious monstrosity at its stores, and – put simply – it’s what this country both needs and deserves.

“We sell one million freshly baked sausage rolls-a-week but customers have asked for one that is even bigger,” explains Morrisons Pie and Pastry expert Philippa Shaw. Yes, that’s a real title.

The smarter among you will look at the price and realise that frees up more budget for the rest of your lunch.

But the smartest? That’s three footlong sausage rolls for the price of a meal deal, my friends.

(Images: Morrisons)