Footage of the earth 'breathing' is the strangest thing you'll see today

Posted by
Dave Fawbert

Let's face it, the Earth must be pretty tired right now.

Tired of seven billion humans (not to mention 20 billion chickens) running around all over it, whilst we pollute its atmosphere and dig up its soil.

So you can't blame it for having a few big deep breaths - which is what appears to be captured in this truly strange YouTube video.

Filmed by Brian Nuttall (who doesn't understand the virtues of landscape filming orientation) in Novia Scotia, Canada, the clip shows the ground appearing to rise and fall like a chest expanding and contracting with breath.

No one seems to know what could cause this phenomenon, although a few suggestions include water running underneath the moss, wind moving the nearby trees which then lift the ground or... maybe it's just alive?

Take a look and decide for yourself.