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Foo Fighters could announce they're headlining Glastonbury at a surprise UK gig tonight

It looks like they're playing a really intimate venue

Foo Fighters could announce they're headlining Glastonbury at a surprise UK gig tonight
24 February 2017

Ever since Foo Fighters had to pull out of Glastonbury in 2015 when Dave Grohl fell off a stage in Sweden and broke his leg, it’s been inevitable the band would be back to claim their lost headliner slot.

It’s looking like 2017 could be their year. Rumours have been circulating for ages that they’ll be heading to Worthy Farm this summer, and it could be confirmed tonight at a surprise gig in a small UK town.

It’s all a little bit mysterious, though. The band have just launched a website for a fake airline called Obelisk Airlines (an Obelisk is pyramid-shaped, geddit?) and asked fans to choose a seat and ‘check in’.

Foo Fighters' new Obelisk Airways website, inviting you to 'check in'

And when you’ve done that, the site takes you to an in-flight entertainment system displaying a countdown clock, counting down to around 7.30pm GMT. You’d imagine that it’s counting down to announcement or a live-stream of some kind.

The countdown to the band's big announcement

Some lucky fans who checked in on the site have received emails inviting them to an event tonight. They’ve been told to go to Cheese and Grain, a small venue in Frome, Somerset.

This means they could be getting a very intimate gig from Grohl and co., and given Frome is in the same county as Glastonbury, it seems very likely there’ll be some Glasto-based announcement. Either that or they’re just toying with us.

Cheese and Grain basically confirmed the event on their Facebook page, without actually confirming what is was, writing: “We have a strictly private event at the Cheese & Grain this Friday 24th February. There will be no tickets available at all to anyone who has not already been invited. Please do not come to the venue as we are unable to assist with any admission requests and we will be closed to the public all day.”

Radiohead and Wiley are already confirmed to be playing the festival, which is running from June 21-25 this year. Other rumoured acts include Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and Guns ‘N’ Roses, NME reports.

Organisers Michael and Emily Eavis have also said there will be twice as many bands booked for this year, and have confirmed a new drive-in cinema area.