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Five football club badges reimagined for the corporate era

Embrace the prawn sandwiches guys, embrace them

Five football club badges reimagined for the corporate era
26 January 2017

Italian football champions Juventus recently unveiled an unnervingly slick new crest that looks more like a sportswear brand than a team badge. They’ve called it a symbol
for Juventus’s “way of living” which represents the “future of football”. That’s quite a billing, but the club’s president Andrea Agnelli used to work in marketing for Ferrari, so, well, yeah.

Here’s ShortList’s crack at streamlining and paring down some fusty old Premier League badges for the new, football-transcending dawn.


The thinking: A brand-tribute to Arsène Wenger’s football team/content creation agency. Pass formations may be triangular, but the value proposition is 360 degrees of inclusivity.


The thinking: Chelsea have corporate synergy surging out of every turnstile. Finally, a crest that reflects the team’s mindless commitment to fully-integrated sports-commerce.


The thinking: Conventional wisdom says that when branding a club with 125 years of rich heritage, you should utilise existing iconography. That kind of thinking has no place here.

West Ham United

The thinking: A team with none-more passionate fans. The key to West Ham’s proposition? Authenticity. Let’s harness that energy with a new logo that’ll resonate from Barking to Beijing!


The thinking: It’s just a massive, blue ‘E’.

(Images: Kevin Fay/Will Jack)