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Watch Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong in new trailer for ‘First Man’ space biopic

To infinity, and beyond!

Watch Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong in new trailer for ‘First Man’ space biopic
30 August 2018

Remember that time you went to the moon? NO! YOU DON’T! Because you absolutely didn’t go to the moon, because only twelve people have been there, and they probably aren’t reading this. If they are, apologies - you did, you did go to the moon and therefore you can remember that time that you went there. Well done.

Anyway, one of the people that went to the moon was Neil Armstrong - in fact, he was the first person to go there. He was such the first person to go there, that they’ve made a movie out of him, and they’ve got Ryan Gosling to play him. 

Sexy old Gossers, putting on a suit and doing a silly slow-mo dance on the moon, what is he like?

Would you like to see the new trailer? Yes, you would, you no-moon-going sucker (previous exemptions apply):

Weird that Armstrong walked on the moon (OR DID HE???????) way back in 1969, but this is the first proper Hollywood biopic about the man. 

The person to bring it to fruition is Damien Chazelle, it being his first feature since 2016’s La La Land, and also perhaps a rude-awakening for the director, for it is very hard to tap-dance on the moon, as it all becomes rather slow and tiresome to watch.

Still, he’s on board (like on a space rocket!) alongside Kyle Chandler, Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Pablo Schreiber, and Patrick Fugit and regretably, not a single space alien. 

Is there any point in watching a space movie if it doesn’t have an murderous alien in it, or at the very least, a malevolent robot? The jury is out, but supposedly this one is getting rave reviews from early screenings, so it might actually be good without the constant threat of a slimy extraterrestrial biting someone’s neck off. 

(Image: YouTube)