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First trailer for new epic Western 'Horizon: An American Saga' starring Kevin Costner

The four-part saga revives the golden cowboy era

First trailer for new epic Western 'Horizon: An American Saga' starring Kevin Costner
Danielle de Wolfe
27 February 2024

Prepare for a Western of epic proportions as the first trailer for Kevin Costner's big screen Western Horizon: An American Saga lands.

The first in a four-part big screen saga, no self-respecting Western would be complete without canyons, horses and more military charges than you can shake a stick at.
Set in the American West, the big screen endeavour is helmed by two-time Academy Award winning actor Kevin Costner, who also takes up position as director, as well as a co-writer and producer.

Cinematic Swiss Army Knife, much?

Described as “a multi-faceted chronicle covering the Civil War expansion and settlement of the American West”, this is a “story of America too big for one film” according to Warner Bros.

It also looks to be one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2024 - narrowly missing out on our must-watch releases for 2024 ShortList.

It's a project the Hollywood veteran appeared more than a little excited about when he spoke with the press this week, coinciding with the release of the first trailer for the forthcoming blockbuster.

"Trailers have always been kind of a favourite part for me, even as a boy going to the movies,” said Costner in the press conference, a glimmer in his eye.

Speaking over Zoom, the actor and director continued: “You’re obviously there to see the movie you want, but isn’t it kind of cool when you see what’s coming? … And with that in mind, I did my very best to expose what’s going to be a four-part saga.”

Straddling the American Civil War, the saga is set 15 years before and after the Civil War expansion in the American West.

Costner settles into the directing chair for the first time since his 2003 hit Open Range - and it looks to stand shoulder to shoulder with the naughties blockbuster.
The actor clearly has an affinity with the era, given the success of his Civil War-era 1990 directorial debut, Dances with Wolves - a project that won him seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.
Now, though, Horizon: An American Saga looks to serve up gun toting soldiers on horseback at no extra cost.
It's safe to say the Western really does belong on the big screen, with Horizon's wide angled shots of expansive vistas and charging cavalries a sight to see.
Complete with a stellar cast, the line-up includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, Owen Crow Show, Tatanka Means, Danny Huston, Michael Rooker, Will Patton, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrmann, Jamie Campbell Bower and Angus Macfadyen, to name but a few.

It's a credits list teaming with top names.

In the production seat sits Costner, joined by Howard Kaplan and Mark Gillard, with Danny Peykoff, Robert Scannell, Armyan Bernstein, Charlie Lyons, Barry Berg and Rod Lake listed as executive producer

This grandois Western can't arrive soon enough, with Horizon: An American Saga landing in cinemas on June 28.