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Favourite brands of remainers and brexiters are incredibly revealing

Are you HP Sauce or Instagram?

Favourite brands of remainers and brexiters are incredibly revealing

Ever since the shock decision in June's Referendum, when 52 per cent of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, analysts have been desperately trying to piece together exactly who voted on which side. Initially, there were the broad sweeps - Scotland and Northern Ireland in, England and Wales out; younger people in, older people out - and then there were the areas within each country - London and Manchester in; Birmingham and Sunderland out.

Now comes the latest trend, and it's a fascinating one, in a list of the most highly-regarded brands by both remain and leave voters.

The data comes from tens of thousands of people who are closely tracked by the research agency YouGov. Since the referendum, 108,000 people have been asked how they voted, and their decision cross-referenced with the brand information already on file. The results were then revealed in an article in advertising trade paper Campaign.

Emily James, Chief Strategy Officer of the RKCR/Y&R agency, explained: "I read a few interesting articles suggesting the referendum result went beyond basic demographics or politics. And in that way it was different from past elections. I also saw in people I knew a deeper reason for how they voted. It was more about a mindset than any political view or belief... The brands on the top 10 lists are the brands which are most indicative of how people voted. These are the brands with which the two sets of voters, Brexit and Remain, have the greatest affinity."

To summarise? A leave voter would sort you out with an absolutely cracking fry-up, and a remain voter is probably too busy uploading their holiday snaps to Instagram and listening to Spotify to talk to you. Take a look at each top 10 below.