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These family portrait photos are going viral for the most hilarious reason

"This is NOT a joke - final product!"

These family portrait photos are going viral for the most hilarious reason
15 January 2018
Imagine the scene: you’re sitting on your sofa, watching your two little angels playing football in the back garden, your dogs are happily bouncing around in front of you, you turn round to look at your beautiful wife and you think: “Yes, I am a lucky man. I have been blessed with a wonderful life. I am happy and content. We should document this moment so that we can cherish it in later life and remember to count our blessings. We should get some professional family photographs taken and it will be a very special thing indeed.”

You then proceed to call in a photographer. On the day they come over - what luck! - it’s a beautiful sunny day. You’re all happy. All is bliss. The shoot goes like a dream.

And then you get the photos.

And - lo - they are… not what you were expecting.

But in the very best way possible.

We’ll let Pam Zaring explain. On Facebook, she wrote:

“OK. This is NOT a joke. We paid a photographer, who claimed to be a professional, $2-250 for a family photo shoot. Please see these FOR REAL photos she delivered to us… She said the shadows were really bad on the beautiful, clear, sunny day and that her professor never taught her to retouch photos. Feel free to share! I literally have not laughed this hard in YEARS!!!!! You can’t make this stuff up… again, this is NOT a joke - final product!”

You want to see the photos? OK here are the photos:


The photos were taken by Lesa Hall, and Pam was keen to stress that she’d found the whole thing hilarious, writing:

“This is not a joke. This is legitimately the final product I received in the mail yesterday. I passed my furious mark months ago when she wouldn’t send us anything. I was fully prepared to be scammed, money gone, and no final product! So the humour was much easier to find. Trust me, at one point my blood boiled anytime I was asked about the status of our photos!!

“In no way is this post meant to be vicious. It was worth the money we spent for the humor we received!!!! I hope y’all have laughed as hard as we have!!!!

“I️ called her and asked her if we looked like cartoons on her end like we were seeing! Her response was “yes, but the shadows were hard to work with””

Naturally, the internet did its thing:

(Main image: iStock)