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Family Guy just owned Donald Trump in the best way possible

Seth MacFarlane doesn't mess about

Family Guy just owned Donald Trump in the best way possible

Donald Trump's campaign to be President of the United States is many things. It's absolutely terrifying, a stain on American democracy, and a dramatic demonstration of the decline in standards in public life.

But it's not all bad. Trump has also been a boon for satirists the world over - not least since a video leaked of him making deeply misogynistic remarks even Glen Quagmire would be deeply disgusted at - and now, fittingly, Family Guy has now taken aim at the Tango-faced tyrant.

In the clip, Donald finally meets someone who's on his level - Peter Griffin, hopping aboard the bus Donald was caught making lewd remarks on to join in the 'locker room' banter between the real estate mogul and US sleazebag TV host Billy Bush.

It's also credit to one of the best cartoons of the last decade that MacFarlane didn't even need to waste a single drop of ink in making this first-rate spoof, as it's all real life footage.

Although we suspect that's because FOX's budget wouldn't have been enough to cover orange markers.