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Your Facebook feed is about to get a whole lot more colourful

Prepare your eyes for an onslaught of neon

Your Facebook feed is about to get a whole lot more colourful

Unless you’re a teenager or a particularly social media-savvy adult, you’ve probably wondered what those colourful squares appearing on your newsfeed are. The ones with statuses in them. You know, like this:

What are they? Well, Facebook has recently reported a decline in people posting status updates (which is good, because most people’s status updates are hell swamps of bullshit), so to combat this, they decided to introduce colourful backgrounds and bigger text. You know, because people need bright colours to pay attention to things.

Anyway, just a couple of solid shades aren’t enough – Facebook needs even more patterns and animals and palm trees to make people use their site, so they’re introducing a bunch of new backgrounds. Soon, your news feed will be a multicolour nightmare of hogwash from a giant majority of people you hate (I mean, you could just unfriend them, but then your friends number goes down, and thus your street credits).

So yeah, here’s a nice glimpse of the kind of things you can expect, bet you can’t wait!

*Deletes Facebook*

(Images: Facebook)