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Facebook For Extremely Rich People

The exclusive club just got more exclusive

Facebook For Extremely Rich People
24 January 2012

So, you have over 800 Facebook friends, and what’s more you can explain in more than a sentence why they’re your buddy. You also have 35,000 Twitter followers hanging on every carefully crafted character of yours. You’ve got this social media lark well and truly licked, yeah?

Not if you’re not among the world’s richest 200 people you haven’t. For this week a new social networking site is being launched that will be open (by invitation only, natch) to that select group only.

Facebook for world leaders, as its inevitably being dubbed, is being unveiled at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, by software company Tibco.

Experts believe the exclusive club, actually called TopCom, will work because it will allow the chosen few to communicate quicker and more directly with each other than ever before. The main reason being business, of course. In other words, companies not involved will be screwed.

Our invitation is obviously in the post.

(Image: Rex Features)