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Fabric is selling its old sound system and you can bid on it

Piss your neighbours off the right way

Fabric is selling its old sound system and you can bid on it
17 March 2017

If your upstairs neighbours are anything like mine and like to wait until 4am on a weekday night to do their vacuuming and rearrange their furniture, then you’ve more then likely thought about giving them a bit of payback.

Forget inviting a few mates round to get pissed and cranking the tunes up a couple of notches higher than usual – if you’re going to give them a taste of their own medicine then you might as well make it count.

For those who want to piss their neighbours off in style, here’s your golden opportunity.

Iconic London nightclub Fabric have recently updated their room two sound system and the old one is now on eBay for anyone who has the cash to get their hands on it.

The Martin Audio system still has nine days left on the auction site and is currently sitting at £6,200 with 67 bids

It’s much more than just a sound system though – you’d be buying a piece of clubbing history. 

The room two sound system has been serving Fabric for over 16 years – if those speakers could... well… speak.

Half of the profit from the sale will go to Corsica Studios founder  Amanda Moss’ GoFundMe campaign.

Last year Amanda, who owns the Elephant & Castle nightclub, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since her diagnosis she has set up a GoFundMe page to get the money together a treatment which could potentially save her life.

So, not only would you be getting Fabric’s sound system in your living room, you’d also be doing a good deed.

Those with the money can place their bids here.