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That awesome house from 'Ex Machina'? You can actually stay in it

Actual Norwegian paradise

That awesome house from 'Ex Machina'? You can actually stay in it

The point of Ex Machina might not have been ‘work in tech and you can live in an awesome retreat in the hills’, but you’d be lying if you didn’t take that away from your first viewing.

Alex Garland’s 2015 psychological thriller was famous for a couple of things: stand-out performances from Oscar Isaac, Alicia Wikander and Domhnall Gleeson, the blurring of lines between realities, and this dance scene.

Another stand-out feature was the setting, the secluded and leafy home of Isaac’s character, tech CEO Nathan Bateman.

Pretty much all of the film takes place on the grounds of the building, prompting almost as much praise for the location as for the film itself.

Certainly plenty of people watched the film and came away wishing they could live there, if only for a night or two.

Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

That ridiculously photogenic house is actually a real-life hotel in Norway. One in which you can stay, if you want.

Located in Valldal, about 200 miles north-west of Oslo, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is surprisingly affordable, too. At least compared to what you might expect from the setting.

A double room with breakfast included will cost NOK1,650 per person per night. That’s just north of £160, with an extra £59 getting you a three-course dinner as part of your package.

The hotel restaurant offers local delicacies, while the hotel itself – in addition to its landscape rooms and farmhouse rooms – has a steam room and outdoor hot tub.

We’re tempted to book a stay right now.

(Images: Knut Bry/Per Eide for Juvet Landscape Hotel)