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Everything you need to know about the London tube strikes happening this week

Everything you need to know about the London tube strikes happening this week

Everything you need to know about the London tube strikes happening this week
Danielle de Wolfe
10 February 2016

This week the Capital is set to be hit square in the face by another tube strike. But how bad is it and will your plans of getting across town from the IMAX to that fancy burger place before the queues snake out the door be scuppered?

Here's everything that you need to know:

When is it happening?

6:30 am this Friday 12 February, lasting for a period of 24 hours.

Why is it happening?

In a double whammy to TfL, there are two separate disputes causing the mass walk-out: 500 track patrol staff will strike over the use of private contractors, which they claim “casualise and undermine” their jobs, while 1,500 maintenance workers will also be collectively downing tools over a grievance of safety issues.

Which lines will it affect?

As yet, that's unclear. Tfl claims services will all run as normal during the strike and that journeys should not be affected, but also admits that "a lack of maintenance and track staff may mean that it takes longer to repair any faults during the service” - which roughly translates to "if track or signal failures occur, you might be screwed." Your best bet is to check the status updates on before you travel.

Am I entitled to a refund on my travel-card or Oyster?

While delays and cancellations caused by strike action don't ordinarily entitle you to a refund (unfair, we know), TfL do allow for refunds for journeys that are delayed or cancelled when the cause is within their control and as a direct result of them dropping the ball. In this case, there hasn't been any fair warning by the company, so in the worst case scenario that there are any problems on the lines, you should be able to claim the dosh for your ticket back.

When are the next tube strikes?

Good question, we're glad you asked. Here are the next planned dates for industrial action.

  • Sunday 6 March: 06:30 until 18:29

  • Friday 25 March: 06:30 until 06:29 Saturday 26 March

  • Sunday 27 March: 06:30 until 06:29 Monday 28 March

  • Sunday 24 April: 06:30 until 18:29

  • Sunday 15 May: 06:30 until 18:29

  • Sunday 12 June: 06:30 until 18:29