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Netflix just nabbed the most Emmy nominations ever

Huge boost for streaming as Netflix smashes records.

Netflix just nabbed the most Emmy nominations ever

160. That's how many Emmy nominations Netflix got this year. That's the most ever for any network in the history of the awards.

It's a monumental occasion for Netflix, a streaming site that has seen many try and take its crown of late.

There's Amazon Prime Video for a start, which managed just 30 Emmy nominations. And pluck upstart Disney Plus which did well in its first year with 19 while Apple TV Plus was close behind with 18.

Much maligned and mocked short-form video service Quibi actually managed 10, too, so it looks like Emmy isn't shy in giving out awards this year to pretty much everyone.

But there's Netflix right at the top with 160, with HBO trailing in second place with 107.

Break it down by show, though, and that's where things get interesting as Netflix isn't top - its nominations focus on breadth not depth.

It's HBO's Watchmen that leads the way, with 26. Prime Video's The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is second with 20 and it's Netflix's Ozark in third with 18 nominations.

The fantastic Succession (18) and Disney Plus' amazing The Mandalorian (15) are in fourth and fifth place.

Personally, we'd love to see Watchmen run away with it. Its race-infused storyline has only grown in stature, what with Black Live Matters protests proving that we still do not live in anywhere near an equal society that we should.

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