EDL just fell for a joke about hot cross buns without crosses and predictably looked like morons


In what could possibly be the best story you’ll see all week (depending if you’ve an indifference to bigoted far right street protest groups or not) - supporters of the English Defence League have just fallen for a spoof news story claiming a bakery had removed the crosses from hot cross buns in case they offended anyone.

Published by fake news outlet Southend News Network, the joke story was picked up and shared by EDL's London Division's Facebook page yesterday alongside the comment: "Hot cross buns without a cross. Well that’s just a bun. We must not upset the Islamic invaders must we?"

Yes, because any conspiratorial movement to take over the UK in the name of Islam would definitely involve the suppression of baked goods.

Via: Metro

Best of all, this fictional story wasn’t even about religion, as the joke was actually that the Southend bakery removed the crosses from its traditional hot cross buns after a ‘fundamentalist’ maths teacher went into the store to complain that the crosses might confuse children learning the difference between addition and multiplication.

Not that it stopped EDL supporters from reading the headline, getting uppity about 'political correctness gone mad' and posting a few cross words of their own.

Ah, it's times like these when we can turn to the wise, comforting words of Alan Partridge.

(P.S. Here's a much better EDL to listen to)