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This new service edits your ex out of your photos

Now you look like you went on lots of holidays on your own!

This new service edits your ex out of your photos
01 March 2019

We’ve all been there, you’re refreshing your dating app photos and you really want to use that one of you having a pint in the sun on your Greek holiday where the light is hitting you just right, and you’re full of that healthy, summer glow, but your awful ex is sat next to you and pressing their annoying, cheating face onto yours. 

You can’t use it. It’s gone. But you also can’t possibly post another picture of you running a 10k and/or in your local after eight pints when you won the league either. Well, finally, a solution is at hand. New service Edit My Ex allows you to send in photos, and for a small sum (starting at £6.99 per photo) they’ll edit your ex out! 

Take that Mike! Take that Leanne! Who looks cool now? Aye? 

So on the one hand, you won’t have to look at pictures of you looking happy together any more, but on the other, it will look like you get really excited whilst on holiday on your own. You could also ask them to edit you out and then send the new pictures to your ex to make them look silly if you wanted, just to cheat the system.

The service aims to get you your photo back within 48 hours too, ideal if you really can’t wait to get them out of your life. If like some people you also delete any hint of them from your Instagram profile as soon as you split up, you could also re-post all your new photos at once and really let people know that you’re single and so, so OK with it. 

(Images: Edit My Ex)