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Ed Sheeran's character for his 'Simpsons' cameo has been revealed

First Game of Thrones, now this

Ed Sheeran's character for his 'Simpsons' cameo has been revealed

We literally cannot escape from Ed Sheeran. He is everywhere now, like some kind of ginger Jesus. It’s genuinely hard to go a day without hearing his music or seeing his face.

He turned up in the Game of Thrones season premiere on Monday – much to the anger of the majority of fans – and now he’s coming to The Simpsons in, wait for it, a La La Land spoof episode.

He will play a character called Brendan loosely based on Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian, so I’m sure you will be truly shocked to learn that Lisa is going to fancy him. It’s not like her to be interested in an older guy who has a pretentious obsession with jazz music.

He will form part of a love triangle with Nelson, who seeks Lisa’s affection by trying to woo her with his own singing voice – the episode will be titled ‘Haw-Haw Land’.

Ed Sheeran's character in an upcoming episode of 'The Simpsons'

In another piece of truly shocking news, Sheeran’s character will be ginger, and wear a fedora. I almost feel like I don’t even need to watch the episode to know exactly what he’s going to be like.

Simpsons producer Al Jean told EW that, when speaking to Lisa, “He keeps alternating [between], ‘You’re not that great, but you could be fantastic,’ and she keeps falling for him because of his talent.”

Meanwhile, of Nelson, Jean says: “He sings ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ with new lyrics, and he kind of bullies those notes.”

Sheeran made an appearance in this week's episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Sheeran was offered the role of telling producers he was keen to guest star on the show. He recorded his lines over the phone.

The episode will air as part of the 29th season, which starts on 1 October.