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Simple and hilarious last-minute costumes that'll save your Halloween

The brilliant outfits that'll only need some basic DIY and one trip to the shop

Simple and hilarious last-minute costumes that'll save your Halloween

We get it, you've been busy dealing with your emotions after watching The Walking Dead premiere, you don't have time to think about your Halloween costume, which is why you've left it until last minute.

But don't give up, you still have time to pull this off. Don't reduce yourself to turning up to a party in a Scream mask and your regular clothes, because the 50 fit girls dressed as Harley Quinn are going to think you're a right mug.

Instead, go for one of these easy and literal Halloween costumes that can be pulled together in no time at all.

Cereal killer

You get to eat loads of cereal and come across as a comedy genius without putting any real thought in whatsoever. You're living the dream.

Ginger bread man

The rise of the red heads continues. Now they have a ready-made Halloween costume by adding just a few loaves of bread. Pass me the hair dye.

Bat man

Would still rather watch this guy in a movie than Ben Affleck.

Credit: blaykk

Chicken cord on blue

For an extra Halloween scare use a real chicken and threaten everyone in your proximity with salmonella poisoning.

Credit: GareBear67

French kiss

Get pissed easily and want to make it until the end of the night? This outfit will allow you to carry a baguette around with you all night as a snack, and you won't look like a complete weirdo.

Edgar Allan Ho

This is truly terrifying. No one wants to see a long deceased iconic writer slut dropping on a dance floor, which obviously means you definitely have to do it.

Credit: zacch

Alice in chains

Combine your love of niche American rock and classic Disney into one inappropriately sexy costume.

Credit: colebearden


The band might be absolute trash, but this simple t-shirt is an absolute treasure.

Kevin Bacon

To really get into the character of Kevin Bacon, sell your soul to EE and tragically act in a series of annoying adverts.

Fantasy football

Bloody Americans (*shakes fist in frustration*) and their incorrect terminology for football. Replace that pigskin bullshit with an actual round ball and your outfit will be on-point.

Credit: pinkandsparkly


Excited for the world's most depressing band to headline Glastonbury next year? Then get your Art Attack on and draw a radio on a bit of cardboard and stick it to your face.

Credit: Money Side Of Life

Horn dog

A costume that makes a great excuse for when you start drooling everywhere from the excessive amount of Jagerbombs you've ingested.

50 Shades of Grey

Jamie Dornan, what were you thinking? The Fall made you one of the most exciting young actors in the world, then you had to go and be sadomasochistic for a bucket load of money. Which I don't really blame you for, I'd sell my morals for £5 and a bag of chips.


Pot heads

It gets harder to smoke weed when you grow up, because the level of munchies you get makes your arse jiggle for a month, but this is a safer way to be a pot head. As long as you don't walk into a busy road or anything with your newly impaired vision.

Credit: Instagram/_annechung

Man walks into bar

Have you ever seen a happier man in your entire life? Look at him. The world doesn't need love, it needs puns.