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Dyson launches new hair dryer

They're feeling Supersonic

Dyson launches new hair dryer
27 April 2016

They've already blown away the competition in public toilets, and now Dyson are moving into the bedroom, revealing that it is launching what it hopes to be one of the best hair dryers around. .

Having revolutionised vacuum cleaners, air circulators and hand dryers with their blade-less fan technology, the innovative designers have tweaked their tech to squeeze it into a new hair dryer which they're promising "will blow your mind." Or just your hair, hopefully.

The new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was apparently borne out of the company's frustration with conventional hair dryers with bulky motors.

Using their knowledge of hot air gained in the hand dryer business, they've now spent $71 million applying that experience to a sleek-looking hair dryer. It's yours for £299 which, like the machine itself, doesn't suck.