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Drinks giant Diageo are back with a new Jane Walker whisky

Let's hope this one's more of a success.

Drinks giant Diageo are back with a new Jane Walker whisky
04 March 2020

When the first Jane Walker whisky was released in 2018, it’s fair to say it went down like a lead balloon, with it being described by many as pandering and patronising (ouch).

Not exactly what Johnnie Walker had hoped for. But, it seems that the team at Johnnie Walker don’t give up that easily, as two years later, they’re back with Jane Walker 2.0.

This new bottle from Master Blender Emma Walker features the same female version of their Johnnie Walker logo - top hat and all - and is dedicated to celebrating Women’s History Month and “pioneering women and the progress they’ve achieved”.

However, this new blend uses whisky from Cardhu - a Speyside distillery that’s also 200 years old, and flourished under the ownership of Elizabeth Cumming back in the 19th Century.

Flavour-wise expect white peaches, baked apple and sweet cream from this 10-year blended whisky, followed by a finish of dark chocolate.

Speaking about the new bottle, Walker said: “Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker is a celebration of the pioneering women who stretched boundaries throughout the history of Johnnie Walker, and the whisky is an excellent example of the depth of flavor and innovative blends we can create from our incredible reserves.”

The new bottle also coincides with the launch of the Craftswomen programme by Diageo, who own Johnnie Walker, created to celebrate the talents of its female blenders.

Those celebrated include Johnnie Walker’s Walker, Bulleit blender Eboni Major and Crown Royal master whisky blender Joanna Scandella.

If you prefer the sweeter flavours of bourbon, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new Bulleit blend available to celebrate the occasion, too.

Bulleit Bourbon Blenders’ Select No. 001 uses just three of the 10 whiskey types used to make the original Bulleit Bourbon and has distinct notes of vanilla bean, dried fruit and toasted oak.

Currently only available in the US, the limited edition Jane Walker 2.0 will cost you $38.00 (approximately £30), while the 50% ABV Bourbon will be $49.99.