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Donald Trump’s already threatening to go to war with Mexico

Donald Trump’s already threatening to go to war with Mexico

Donald Trump’s already threatening to go to war with Mexico

Well that didn’t take him long.

Donald Trump might not have reached the White House yet but this hasn’t stopped the bewigged madman from threatening war with Mexico.

Yes, really.

While he’s previously blustered in the direction of the neighbouring Latin American nation, labelling its people as rapists, among other things, his latest statement of antagonism Trumps the lot.

Repeated throughout his campaign, one major policy Trump has pledged he’d carry out as President is the construction of a massive US/Mexico border wall, paid for by Mexico, and when quizzed by MSNBC news over whether he would go to war with the nation if they didn't agree to foot the bill, he didn’t hold back.

"Trust me, Bob. When I rejuvenate our military, Mexico’s not going to be playing with us with war, that I can tell you. Mexico is not playing with us with war. Look, I have great relationships with the Mexican people.

You’ve been seeing I’m winning every single poll in these primaries when they go out, when the polls come back in with the Hispanics. I have thousands of Hispanics that work for me and over the years, tens of thousands that have worked for me over the years.

I will tell you that the problem our country has is that our leaders are so weak — we have so many ways of getting the money to build the wall."

Textbook Trump. By claiming he has great relationships with a certain country (they must have statues of him in China) while at the same time managing to antagonise an entire race of people, it’s essentially a negative-positive-negative sh*t sandwich served with an extra dollop of bigotry.

On the off chance this real life incarnation of Dr Strangelove does get the top job, and there really is a big red button somewhere, God forbid anyone lets him press it.