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It turns out that every single person in Trump's administration has a Simpsons equivalent

This is a sterling piece of work

It turns out that every single person in Trump's administration has a Simpsons equivalent
Tom Victor
17 September 2018

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, if not even earlier, we have been reminded of all the times The Simpsons predicted major world events.

Yes, the comedy anticipated the rise of the 45th President of the Union, but that’s not it. They predicted the identity of a Nobel Prize winner, the rise of grease thieves, and a whole lot more.

However, fresh from watching the show run the rule over Trump’s time in office, someone has spotted some more all-to-convenient similarities between real life and fiction.

Alessandro King, a US-based playwright, is very familiar with comparisons between Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow and the accurately named ‘Blue Haired Lawyer’ in The Simpsons. However, after digging deeper, King noticed a lot of other likenesses which almost seem too accurate to be coincidental.

Some feel inevitable - for example, there was always going to be an analogue to Mr Burns, as well as Burns’ doctor.

A couple of the names even work out, like Rich Texerson and Anthony Scarapoochie.

However, King has worked hard to identify obscure characters, some of whom only appeared in one or two episodes, in a show of fantastic Simpsons knowledge as much as knowledge of Trump and those around him.

Don’t believe us? Some of them barely appear on screen at all, and yet have resemblances so perfect you begin to wonder where fact ends and fiction begins.

For the full thread - and it’s a doozy - follow the link below. You’re in for a treat.

(Images: YouTube)