Don’t panic, but London is currently dealing with an outbreak of venomous spiders

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Chris Sayer

'Friday the Thirteenth' just got a whole lot more unlucky for Londoners with a chronic fear of all things with eight legs.

Two primary schools in the East of the city have been closed today due to False Widow Spider infestations.

Thomas Buxton School and Osmani School, both in Tower Hamlets, have sent their pupils home while the outbreak is investigated.

“The schools are both temporarily closed due to a spider infestation,” a Tower Hamlets spokesperson said. “Due to health concerns for staff and pupils the schools will be closed until next week. Please check the two schools’ websites for more information."

The False Widow, which has markings that resemble a skull on its abdomen, has a toxic bite that can cause swelling, fever and intense pain.

Better get those rolled up magazines at the ready… 


[Pic: Rex]


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