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Domino's has created an easy order pizza button

Domino's has created an easy order pizza button

Domino's has created an easy order pizza button

Ordering Domino's is apparently tricky. A herculean task, completed only by those with a stern will and exacting skills.

The phone order? Perilous. The online form? The stuff of nightmares. App? Killed a guy. Honest. 

Which is why Domino's has created this - "The Easy Order" button.

Housed in a mini pizza box, the button connects to the Domino's app via Bluetooth, allowing users to input their address, payment details and set up their favourite pizza order. Once set up, they can order their favoured pizza selection with the press of a button - no forms, no confirmation, just push and wait.

"The Domino’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times and 75 per cent of our orders are now online," reads the Domino's press release accompanying the launch of the button. "We also know that our customers love innovation, which further improves the ease of ordering such as our Pizza Tracker."

To get your hands on your own Easy Order device, you'll need to enter a Domino's social media competition that's launching next week. Despite the US spelling of 'favourite', the button will only be available in the UK.

Until then, you'll have to stick to ordering pizza the old fashioned way.

Faff, eh?