Disturbingly Realistic Pokemon Artwork


Browser set in incognito mode? A shifty glance over your shoulder to make sure no one is watching? 

It's okay - your Pokémon nostalgia is safe with us. We're actively encouraging it, smitten as we are with RJ Palmer's exceptional art series.

Entitled 'Realistic Pokémon', Palmer's series started out back in 2012, sketching out grim imaginings of what Nintendo's animal battling title would look like with a hefty dose of realism. A talented digital artist, every adapted creature carries the DNA of the original beast, just without the fluff and puff (they're not Pokemon). 

What started out as a small collection on Palmer's Deviant Art page is now a full-blown poster series - which you can purchase here

We've picked out our favourite catches below. 

(Images: RJ Palmer)

[Via: Geek Art]


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