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Disney Plus drops first trailer for new murder mystery starring Game of Thrones alumni

Think period drama-meets-Cluedo where this new offering is concerned

Disney Plus drops first trailer for new murder mystery starring Game of Thrones alumni
Danielle de Wolfe
09 February 2024

Prepare for more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel, as Disney+ drops the first trailer for its brand new murder mystery series.

What makes this unique? Well, not only does it boast a stellar cast line-up, but the rather unusual time period is sure to float the boat of history fanatics out there.

That is to say, most murder mysteries tend to be set within modern times (or at least the last 100 years or so).

However, forthcoming Disney+ release Shardlake is about to change all that, set against the backdrop of Tudor England (yes, we're talking Henry VIII in his prime).

Starring Game of Thrones alumni Sean Bean, Help star Arthur Hughes, and Masters of the Air's Anthony Boyle, this standout cast are in for a ruff ride (geddit?).

The Disney+ series is based on CJ Sansom’s bestselling novels and follow lead character Matthew Shardlake (Hughes) as the lawyer is tasked with investigating a suspicious death in a remote town during the 1500s.

And as decidedly dark murderous plots go, this looks to be a juicy one, as Thomas Cromwell (Bean) is accompanied by his cocky wee assistant Jack Barak.
"Why in this house of God do I smell secrets and fear?" rings out as a

Think plenty of gold chains, castles and death, as this thoroughly intriguing watch lands on our screens.

The official synopsis reads: "Arthur Hughes plays Matthew Shardlake, a lawyer with an acute sense of justice and one of the few honest men in a world beset with scheming and plots. Shardlake works for Thomas Cromwell, played by Sean Bean, the dangerous and all-powerful right-hand man to Henry VIII.
"Despite Shardlake's unwavering loyalty to Cromwell and the Crown, his position in society is unfavoured due to his appearance, as a person living with scoliosis during the Tudor period, suffering the indignity of being abused as a 'crookback' wherever he turns.
"Anthony Boyle plays the cocky and good-looking Jack Barak, who leaves Shardlake unsure of whether he is an assistant, or Cromwell's spy."

What we can say is that this series is set to entertain - particularly if you're a fan of The Last Kingdom.

You can catch Shardlake when it lands on Disney )