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Delicious IPA Beer Jam

Delicious IPA Beer Jam

Delicious IPA Beer Jam
03 September 2014

Taking the hair of the dog just became a lot more gentrified. Introducing the greatest invention since sliced bread, for sliced bread: beer jam.

Created by Walter and Nancy Warner (the sort of people who clearly understand that it's always 5pm in somewhere the world), each of these jams contains a smattering of the hops, malt and yeast from the couple's local craft breweries, rendered into a conventional morning spread.

The breakfast set provides early starters with four flavours of tipple: IPA, Black IPA, Porter and Oatmeal Stout. You can pick up a selection from Uncommon Goods for around £21. Should boozy jam not take your fancy, the Warner's also create a range of teetotal artisan varieties.

And please - spread responsibly.

(Images: Uncommon Goods)

[Via: Food Beast]