David Cameron just poured cold water on talk of a second referendum


Words that 48 per cent of the country was hoping wouldn't be uttered.

In his first statement since he announced he would be stepping down as Prime Minister, David Cameron has ruled out a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

The Independent has word that a spokesperson for Cameron's office has a second vote is "not remotely on the cards". The statement came after Cameron called the first cabinet meeting following the results of the initial vote and announced his resignation. Later today, Cameron will use his first Commons appearance to respond to the results of the EU referendum.

The anguish of the Remain party to enact a second referendum has recently been focused on a petition on Parliament's website, gaining some 3.7 million signatures since it was launched by William Oliver Healey. 

Parliament must 'consider' all petitions that gain more than 100,000 signatures, with a debate on the second EU referendum petition due in three days (30 June). However, Cameron's comments would appear to extinguish the hopes of Remain voters that the online petition might trigger a second vote. 

To watch Cameron give his statement on the outcome of the EU referendum, you can tune into - at the time of writing, the Secretary of State for Defence is having a nice chat about frigate factories...