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The first trailer for ‘Blue Planet II’ is here and is a full five-minute treat

Attenborough's back, and he's got Hans Zimmer and Radiohead on the music

The first trailer for ‘Blue Planet II’ is here and is a full five-minute treat

If the BBC are trying to cram in as many Sir David Attenborough shows as possible while the great man is still with us, we’re entirely OK with it.

On the same day we learned about the newly commissioned Jumbo: The Life Of An Elephant Superstar, and slap bang in the middle of our Planet Earth II rewatch, we’ve been given another bit of fantastic news.

The first trailer for Blue Planet II is now available for our enjoyment, and that’s not the half of it.

Hans Zimmer, of Dunkirk and Interstellar fame, has a hand in the soundtrack to the trailer – but he’s not the only one involved in a genuinely mesmerising first look.

We’re nearly ready to journey under the sea with Sir David again

The trailer begins with Sir David introducing “the ocean: the largest habitat on earth”, before we’re treated to a musical collaboration between Zimmer and none other than Radiohead.

The British band have linked up with the German composer for ‘(ocean) bloom’, a new track inspired by the BBC show.

We have had to wait 16 years for a follow-up to The Blue Planet, widely regarded as one of the best nature shows of the century (if not ever), but it feels as though it will be worth the wait.

And, what’s more, it’s a prequel – introducing us to nature in greater depth than ever before. Pun very much intended, thank you.

Sometimes a five-minute trailer can feel like overkill, but if anything we’re left wanting a whole lot more after witnessing this beauty.

Sir David admitted earlier this year that his shows are taking longer to put together as his age begins to catch up with him, but if the end product remains as polished as this then we can’t have too many complaints.

We’re sure to see some familiar creatures and some which are less familiar, all accompanied by that unmistakeable voice.

Blue Planet II will come to our screens later this year.

(Images: Jeremy Bishop/Talia Cohen)