Dave Chappelle's SNL Donald Trump monologue is is already being hailed as one of the greatest of all time

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Joe Ellison

Fractured. Polarised. Divided. Even before Donald Trump sprang the unlikeliest of election wins earlier this week, the cracks in America were already there to see.

Trump’s campaigning not only fuelled the fires of minority unrest but seemed to openly covet it, leaving millions now wondering what the future holds as he prepares to take office in January.

So who better to host the first Saturday Night Live since the tupoeed-elect’s victory than legendary comic Dave Chappelle, who took to the stage last night to deliver what is already being discussed as one of the greatest monologues in the show’s history.

Heartfelt, carefully crafted, thought-provoking without losing one iota of wit, Chappelle goes against the hateful rhetoric voters heard so much of to speak positively about the great nation he loves – one touching anecdote from a recent trip he had to the White House will hit you right in the feels, while a skit on how Obama’s inauguration ruined his tax breaks will put a smirk on your face – to ask that marginalised minorities give the new leader a chance and, crucially, Trump give them one too.

If anyone’s worried that America is in danger of imploding under a cloud of hate and racial unrest, just watch this to see it remains a shining beacon of hope and understanding.

This may be the most important post-election speech yet.


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