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Feast your eyes on the most outrageous idea for a dating site you will ever see

Don't do it!

Feast your eyes on the most outrageous idea for a dating site you will ever see
09 February 2018

There’s a dating site that offers to pair up loveseekers by matching them with someone who uses the same password. Yes, really, this is a thing that exists.

Now, it’s not completely out of the question that this is actually legit, and someone’s done some research that concludes that your password says something important about you. But it seems unlikely. It seems borderline impossible, in fact, and it seems a lot more plausible that it’s a big load of bullshit, a phishing scam designed to pilfer the passwords of naive, dateless, gullible internetters.

Taking advantage of people is a shitty thing to do any time, but taking advantage of people’s loneliness seems particularly rotten.

Words of Heart (don’t do it!) claims: “We believe that something as intimate as your password best describes your inner self.” But, no it doesn’t. Just think about it, going out on a date with someone you’ve been matched with purely due to sharing a password. Realistically, it’s a ten-second conversation at best.

You: So, haha, you use p4$$w0rd6969 as well?
Them: Yeah, haha.
You: Haha. Gosh. So, I can’t help but notice…
Them: Yeah, I am 30 years older than you and very racist.
You: It’s almost as though this was a poor metric to choose to pair us together.
[an awkward pause descends and never reascends]

(The exception is if your password is something like password123. If that is your password, you are dumb as all hell, so will probably get along swimmingly with the similarly thick-skulled person you’re matched with.)

It would leave web-savvy users of password management software out in the cold and all - the odds of someone else having the same incomprehensible strand of characters as you would be billions to one, which is the whole point of such things. 1password is about a lot of things, but lovin’ ain’t one of them. That said, a web-savvy user of password management software would probably have the nous not to put it into what looks an awful lot like a massive con.

And even if it was real, which it manifestly isn’t, if you went on a date with someone through it and it went badly, they’d know your password. They’d immediately update your Facebook status to “I wipe my bum and eat it”, and tweet pictures of a dog’s willy with the caption “It me”. Awful.

Don’t do it. Even if it isn’t a scam - and it really, really seems like it’s a scam. Don’t do it.