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A 'Dark Knight Rises' actor has joined 'Joker' as Batman's dad

Meta-crossover madness!

A 'Dark Knight Rises' actor has joined 'Joker' as Batman's dad
18 September 2018

Imagine this - an actor from one Batman film turning up in another Batman film (sort of) in a different continuity. Imagine it, and imagine how much it would blow your mind

OK, fair, it might not be the type of thing to blow your mind, but still - weird innit? You see, Brett Cullen, who played ‘Congressman’ in The Dark Knight Rises is set to star in Joker, taking over the part that was originally set for Alec Baldwin - Bruce Wayne’s dad, Thomas.

Baldwin had previously said of the part: “I’m sure there are 25 guys who can play that part,” which we’re sure makes Brett feel great, but hey-ho, maybe the man just loves Batman.

According to rumours, the character of Thomas Wayne was set to be a brash, cocky Donald Trump-like businessman (hence the call for Alec Baldwin to play him), but it’s unclear as to whether they’ll stick with that direction now he’s no longer on board. Either way, Tom’s a bit of an arse, so that trait will likely still remain.

The film has recently commenced filming, with Joaquin Phoenix in the central role, with director Todd Phillips (The Hangover - good omen) sharing the first image of him in ‘costume’ this week:

Joining Phoenix and now Cullen, are Marc Maron as a casting agent, Robert De Niro as a chat show host and Frances Conroy as The Joker’s mum - a lovely cast we think you’ll agree.

Anyway, the film’s not out for ages - next October - so we’ve got ages to see if it’ll actually be any good, or in fact, a colossal misstep like so many comic book movies before it!

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