Daredevil climbs Eiffel Tower without rope and his GoPro footage will scare the pants off you

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Emily Badiozzaman

James Kingston describes himself as an Adventurer and YouTuber. We can think of other ways to describe him.

Maniacal, namely.

Not content with risking his life freestyle clambering up Wembley's arch and the skyscrapers of Dubai, James decided to scale the Eiffel Tower for reasons we can't comprehend. 

He filmed his ascent (obviously) and the footage is terrifying. 

We can't help but think it was a bit pointless, given there are a number of viewing decks up the 300m tower. But then we're not sure logic falls into James' repertoire of skills.

Take a look at the daredevil's nausea-inducing voyage to the top below.  



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